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The Family

     In June 2014 Zharmae Publishing Company published my first novel, The Family. It’s available at, and if you like legal thrillers (and even if you don’t!), please check it out. 

    It’s about Jay Marc Rhodes, a Corpus Christi lawyer who is struggling with sobriety while trying to salvage his failing law firm. He recruits rookie lawyer Aaron Arredondo, hoping to gain a few easy cases from Aaron’s extended family connections.  Instead, Jay finds himself pulled into the underbelly of the community: a burgeoning drug economy and ruthless world of money, family ties, and risk.
     Culture clash, corruption, and greed combine in this tale of lawyers and cops, smugglers and kingpins, and murder and revenge in 1970s South Texas. From schoolyards to federal offices, no one is immune to the allure or the costs of the trade. It is lucrative, but treacherous–and it’s not long before Jay finds that his new recruit has ambitions of his own.

     It’s the story of false loyalties, misguided ambitions, and idealism gone awry; and how, in the end, redemption is there, but only for those who seek it.