Category: Short Stories

The Dance

            Joey wouldn’t have been allowed to go to the dance at all if it hadn’t been Sally that was getting married. Sally was Billy’s classmate and Billy was Joey’s older brother. Sally might not have been the prettiest girl in high school, with her curly blond hair, round face and deep dimples in her pretty cheeks, her jiggly bosoms and wiggly hips, but she wasn’t far from it. And Billy would have felt pretty bad about her getting married to somebody besides himself, except that the guy she was marrying was twenty-five years old with a farm of his own, and how could he compete against someone like that? He was only eighteen himself …
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A Pear for Simon

                The door to the hostel was sandwiched between the two-star hotel entrance and a restaurant, on a street perpendicular to the beach. You could step out the narrow passageway, cross the street, and in ten running steps plunge into the surf. Simon sat at the small desk behind the service window planning to slip off and do just that over the lunch hour, but at five minutes before noon the outer door opened. It was too early for a customer, so it could only be the skinny American girl.            Linda set the plastic bag of fruit on the floor beside the desk and gave Simon a proprietary kiss on the cheek. …
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